Tips for Starting your Summer Internship in Style with Bela Parekh

Meet: Bela Parekh
Profession: College Intern
Where: McKinsey and Co.

Put yourself out there! That is the advice Bela Parekh wants to share with students looking for a summer internship and opportunities to gain experience to better prepare them for life after college. And Bela did just that by reaching out to share how she is using Armoire to supply her with a stylish and customizable wardrobe for her summer internship at McKinsey and Co.

Growing up, Bela loved uniforms. She attended schools where uniforms were the norm for most of her K-12 education. Instead of dreading what to wear each day, or finding time to select an outfit that may or may not match, she simply threw on her uniform and within minutes she was out the door. She has been searching for something that can help her replicate a ‘uniform’ to save her time and ensure she still looks polished for her new gig. Since we adore time-conscious and savvy ladies like Bela, we dived into a conversation with her to hear all about the details of her day-to-day.

“I feel like I fit in, and I can focus all my attention on work”

On summer internship style…

When I was hired on at McKinsey for the summer, I told my mom I needed to go shopping for a more professional wardrobe. Since most college students do not have a lot of money or business attire, my mom, who is also a customer, thought [Armoire] would be a great idea. 

What I love most though is switching up my selections. Everything is so cute, and I really feel like the items I see are tailored to my style. I have always felt that the women at McKinsey dress amazing well and always look so polished. I can say it has been really nice to get compliments on my outfits. I feel like I fit in, and I can focus all my attention on work.

Top tips to get sh*t done…

Stay on top of things… Remember what you have to do. Have a calendar or agenda book of some sort. I live by my calendar. I love crossing things off — it makes me feel like I’m getting things done.

“You’ll earn bonus points when you mention specific aspects of careers that inspire you and then detail what you are hoping to learn from the conversation.”

— Armoire Team

On getting an internship…

My main piece of advice — put yourself out there as much as possible. Do not be afraid to reach out to people who are in higher up positions. I cold-emailed people in areas I was interested and looked at projects I liked. I used this line when writing to people: I’m a student at (fill in the college), and I’m doing (fill in the blank). I love what you do and would love to talk to you about it.

You have to be willing to take initiative and not be afraid of the outcome. When you are young, people want to help you out! Take advantage of that.

Favorite item you’ve rented during your summer internship?

I’m going to cheat, because I really love two things. I received a bright red Susana Monaco shift dress. I immediately knew I could wear it casual or business casual. I ended up wearing it three times. I recently wore it to dinner with my cousin, paired with cute wedges and a necklace, and then to work paired with a blazer and nice work shoes.

And my second favorite… I really liked the fit of the Brass blue shift dress. It was another super fun one, and it fit so well. I really do not love tight dresses, so this dress was a hit. It made me feel stylish, and I felt like I was comfortable too which is important — my friends can tell when I feel uncomfortable in clothing.

Favorite thing to do in 10 minutes?

As someone who has often been told she is “constantly on,” I value having 10 minutes to myself and being able to “turn off.” Normally I go for a run or to the gym, tennis courts, or pool — essentially something active to de-stress. But if only given 10 minutes, my favorite thing to do is take my dog out for a walk. She is my (wo)man’s best friend and when we go out for our 15 minute walks, I never bring my phone with me. It is my time to just be outside, take in nature, and walk with her. It helps me stay calm.

 Bela meeting Malala Yousafzai at the PA Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit.

Bela meeting Malala Yousafzai at the PA Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit.

Who is your boss lady crush?

Malala Yousafzai, hands down. I had the absolute honor of meeting her a few days after she won her Nobel peace prize in the fall of 2014. She is the epitome of strength, resilience, and bosslady-ness. Her message is so clear, and her heart is pure. Her accomplishments are truly akin to those of a survivor. She is inspirational not just to young women, but anyone of all ages and genders. She has inspired me to keep learning and to value those things that I take for granted every day, such as access to education. She motivates me to succeed in my own life, in whatever way that may manifest.

One of the things Bela realized through this experience was how she became more open to trying new items of clothing, be it colors, patterns, or fits. Because she has been so focused on studying — she is a neuroscience and business major — she never thought about her wardrobe. There simply was not enough time in her day. In her words, ‘I realize fashion can be fun. I get so excited to look at my next closet and see what I get and think about how I am going to wear them.’

So for all you savvy summer interns out there, Armoire has put together a three-month bundle. Get all the looks you need for your summer gig (and life that surrounds that), without cluttering your closet with clothes that go unused during the school year. Use promo code INTERNSTYLE for an additional $35 off the bundle price and get the looks you need this summer. Bonus! We do all the laundry—you wear and return.

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