Rent Clothes, Don’t Buy: 9 reasons why

To some of us, particularly those of us who like to wash our new clothes before we wear them, or simply expect to receive clothes that are clean from the get go, renting clothes might still seem a bit, well, unappealing. We get it. For us, the first image that comes to mind when you mention rental is a high school prom date’s musty tux, complete with a cliche tie color. Or maybe it’s those plastic-feeling, crinkled gowns you rent for college or high school graduation. You know these items well… and they don’t have positive connotations. And likely today, it’s a long gown rented for a specific occasion that you know you’re only going to wear once.

But let us ask another question. How many times have you ‘shopped’ in your friend’s closet? Borrowed something from your sister with questionable intention of giving it back? Felt like you were receiving all new items when you did a clothing swap with your friends? That’s the energy we’re tapping into. And there’s a few reasons why.

“So your options are this: spend time doing intensive research to find brands that cut some of the guilt out of clothing consumption — or — you can keep wearing what you want to wear and instead choose to rent.”

To start — you’re already used to sharing. By this point, we’re all used to sharing cars (thanks, Uber), sharing apartments and even our homes (see you in a week, Airbnb), even sharing tables at coffee shops. We live in a social economy. It’s more convenient and simply a better allocation of resources.

But as women, we’re also in a unique position. There’s a dichotomy between what we have access to and what we have a responsibility to. More than ever before, we can shop online and have items delivered within 24 hours, if not even the same day. The cotton for our clothing may be grown on one continent, sewn and manufactured on another, and then shipped across the ocean again to our door. We wear it once, maybe a handful of times, and then get tired of it and shove it in the back of the closet where it’s forgotten for months on end. That’s a pretty extensive cycle when you think about only wearing a dress, shirt, or pants once or twice.

At the same time, there’s no question about the impact the clothing industry has on our bodies and planet. Brands are looking at tackling this issue and advancing the clothing industry with a variety of different approaches. Some have switched to exclusively organic cotton to help shield their farming, manufacturing, and shipping employees from pesticides. Others are making clothes out of reconstructed vintage fabric or deadstock, surplus material. Many are investigating natural dye options as run-off permanently damages manufacturing rivers and ecosystems — think China’s now indigo Pearl River delta.

So your options are this: spend time doing intensive research to find brands that cut some of the guilt out of clothing consumption — or — you can keep wearing what you want to wear and instead choose to rent. Well, we think the answer is clear.

Here are 9 reasons why you should rent clothes, not buy

And by the way… who doesn’t want a personal stylist curating hand-selected clothes?

1. Get time back.
Everyone needs more time in their day to enjoy the finer things in life and frankly, who wants to spend those few extra minutes shopping? Endless scrolling, no thank you. (We wrote about how shopping has changed in a recent post.)

2. Variety not clutter.
Rent styles that keep up with all aspects of your life. Wear the same thing twice, or not. The best part is it’s your choice. Leave the clutter behind.

3. Wear designer brands.
Who doesn’t want that? And if it’s not designer brands, we’ll introduce you to the up and comers you’ll want to know. Name brand or not, we have great styles.

4. Polished style, no effort required.
Yes please. We all want to look great without much effort. We afford you that right. And if you prefer, you can book one-on-one time with an Armoire stylist.

5. Less consumption.
In the US, we throw away more than 14 tons of textiles a year. There’s something sexy about being environmentally conscious while still killing the style game. We support that 100%.

6. Retail disruption.
Yes. We said it. We want to give women access to brands they love in a way that makes sense based on today’s economy. You want the $400 designer dress, and we want to give it to you.

7. Personalized style.
Fit and style go hand-in-hand. We know that women want to stand out in their own unique way. We say, get clothes you love.

8. Don’t break the bank.
High-end clothes are more expensive than ever, and women are spending hundreds if not thousands on clothing they may only wear once. It doesn’t have to be that way. Being budget conscious is good for you and your wallet.

9. For women by women.
We’re on a mission to ensure that we as women make an active choice to support one another. In the fashion industry, we’re doing that through partnerships that propel growth across companies started and owned by women.

There are many more than 9 reasons on why you should rent clothes versus buy. These are some of our core values and align with why we started Armoire. What do you think? Let us know below.


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