Pregnancy Style: Tips For Dressing Your Baby Bump


Hello hot mama! First of all, many many congratulations to you. And secondly, hats off to you for all the amazing multi-tasking you’re doing with your body, family, and life.

With such a life-changing experience comes a new pregnancy style and changing wardrobe, to accommodate your new needs. The key to a fashionable pregnancy is to wear the trend that you love, but adapting it to your evolving curves. You should wear clothes that complement your changing body, not just camouflage it.

The good news first: You can still be your chic self, and steer clear of baggy or frumpy clothes. Now for the better news, Armoire recently announced its expansion into maternity wear. You can find gorgeous mama bump rentals here, freeing you from frustration and time to nurture yourself and the little life living inside of you.

Armoire really is for all women, and for all stages in their lives. Armoire offers a variety of top maternity brands like Monroe, Rebecca Minkoff, and Seraphine that help you raise the style quotient during this beautiful time in your life.

Here are some special tips on how to dress up that baby bump, and pregnancy outfit ideas…

Wear Flattering Maternity Clothes

Wear chic clothes from maternity brands, rather than just a bigger size in regular brands. A common mistake many women do is buy the clothes they already have in larger sizes. The thing is – when you grow, all parts of the body don’t grow proportionately. So bigger sizes just tend to overwhelm you. Maternity brands, on the other hand, are designed to fit and flatter pregnant women. Check out Everly Grey and Enza Costa at Armoire, for hot-momma dresses!


Change Is Constant

Your body is changing in a miraculous way, and with it, so are your everyday needs. And it keeps changing, till much after you deliver the apple of your eye. There is simply no point in going into overhaul mode and buy today to not wear tomorrow. The best way to do this is to transition along with your body. I have one magic word for you: rent. With Armoire, you can swap up your case as often as you want. Armoire has your mama bump rentals covered – from floaty maxis to draped dress to the comfiest shirts. Preggers and fabulous? Yes, please!


Stay True To Your Style

You must stay true to your innate sense of style – classic, retro, sexy, bohemian or anything in between or beyond. Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to change who you are.

You could wear bodycon dresses and show off that adorable bump, or cover with flowing bohemian styles. Instead of wearing something that is not you, find amazing styles that align with your sense of style. A great way to experiment is by adding happy, pop colors and bright prints to your closet. For some gorgeous pregnancy outfit ideas – set up an appointment with a personal stylist here!

Be Comfy In Your Skin

Bid adieu to anything constricting, poking or digging into your skin. This is your time to luxuriate in the simple pleasures you love – long massages, nourishing meals, and those stimulating books you’re waiting to read. While some women might be wearing skinny jeans during or right after their pregnancy, it is okay if you choose not to. Pregnancy is not a one-size-fits-all journey and you should say no to anything uncomfortable, be it clothes or anything else. This is the only one maxim you must follow. Listen to your heart, and be carefree (okay, that’s two, but you get the drift).

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