Luen Tanner: One Year Without Shopping

Meet: Luen Tanner
Profession: Senior Marketing Director at Yesler
Where: Seattle, WA

52 weeks. 365 days. 8,760 hours. It doesn’t matter which way you slice it, it all adds up to one year. Which we can all agree is an incredibly long time to commit to making any kind of lifestyle change, big or small. But Luen will tell you it’s absolutely worth it. As a full-time marketing director, mom, active outdoor enthusiast and a certified yoga instructor, she’s constantly pushing her own boundaries and experimenting with life-altering challenges that are good for her mental and physical health, the environment, her wallet…and sometimes, all three!

Case and point: Frustrated with the poor quality of cheap clothing (think fast fashion) and the increasingly negative impact it’s having on our planet’s landfills, she decided to refrain from shopping. For one full year. It’s a pretty impressive and inspiring commitment to make. So we sat down with our customer Luen, to hear about her experience and learn some tips and tricks that we can pass along for how we can all challenge ourselves to be and do a little better.

“[Using Armoire’s service] feels like I shop at Barneys on an unlimited credit card with a personal shopper every week.”

On challenging herself…

“I love to experiment with little challenges for myself. It gives me perspective into what it would be like for someone to be fully committed to a real lifestyle change, true first hand research. For the last two years, I have gone vegan on several occasions, I’ve taken months off consuming sugar, and once even went a few months without using disposable cups of any kind. Even after the experiments are over, there are  impactful life lessons you can carry forward into your normal lifestyle that can help our planet and may even inspire others.”

On renting clothes…

“So far, I have been blown away with how much I’m enjoying not buying new clothing. When I learned about Armoire from a friend, I was intrigued with the concept and really like the clothing. It feels like I shop at Barneys on an unlimited credit card with a personal shopper every week. It’s been fun trying styles that I wouldn’t always choose myself, and then exchanging it for something else once the novelty of the item has worn off. I honestly can’t imagine going back to regular shopping again. I know it seems pricey initially, but how I feel wearing quality clothing as a professional is genuinely worth it. Repeat after me: “I am fully, madly, completely worth it.”

Committing to change…

“Planning! For any challenge I’ve done, it takes planning if you are going to stick to it. Prepping for meals, or doing research (aka online shopping) is going to set you up for success.

Passion. You really need to be passionate about your cause. Some of mine have been to look better in a bathing suit, and some of them have been to have an influence on the planet. All are acceptable.

Fun. With all my personal challenges, posting about them online has kept me accountable to myself, and I enjoy selfie-ing the occasion. The posts end up being fun to read or follow along with because they have a story, which can make a person stop scrolling for even half a second.”

On “Get Shit Done” mode…

“Life is one big ‘to do’ list. I try to prioritize everything I have to do (especially with a little one and dogs!) though on rare occasions I am okay with letting go and realizing that not everything needs to happen, and that can be a good thing. While living life with lists (I use OneNote so all my lists get transferred to my various devices when I’m on the go) may sound tedious, this method actually lets you write things down when it’s on your mind, then you can forget about it and fully focus on being present until the time comes and you need to get around to your tasks. Being present with people you love is so much more important than what you checked off the list!”

My power piece…

“My Alexander Wang Gabi boots. I also love the Derek Lam 10 Crosby printed dress I got in my first [Armoire] case – so adorable!”

10 minutes…

“Pigeon pose :)”

Bosslady inspiration…

“One of the founders of my agency and my former manager, Anika, has been a mentor of mine for so long and is someone I am inspired by. She has been doing clothing rentals since the beginning of time even before it became trendy, is an activist for humans and animals, and still manages to co-run a successful company.”

About Armoire

Armoire is the modern woman’s solution to a stress free closet. For $149 month, you get access to a continuous rotation of high-end apparel, curated with your preferences in mind. Select your 4 favorite items to receive in the mail, and keep for as long as you want. If you fall in love, you’re in luck— you can purchase the item at a deep discount. Refresh your 4 pieces whenever you would like; we take care of the shipping and dry-cleaning. With brands like Theory, DVF, Milly, Parker, and many more—you get great style, with little to no effort.

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  1. What a great idea that saves the planet, saves us time and makes us have fun with what we wear. Great idea Luen and Armoire. What about the price, shipping, who picks the clothes?

    1. Hi Lori! Sorry the delayed response:) Armoire is $149 /month, and that includes unlimited rentals (4 at a time, change whenever you want), shipping and dry cleaning. Our fabulous customers pick their own clothes, but we make it simpler by curating a limited closet (based on style and fit preferences) of 10-15 items. Please write us at with any additional questions!

  2. Very inspiring Luen! I love reading about your challenges. The fast fashion ecological footprint is something I’m always trying to combat.

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