From Cubicle to Cocktail: 5 Summer Workwear Styles

Late spring is in full swing, and with it my social calendar is filling up in the evenings. So is yours, I’m sure. The 9-to-5 hustle can sometimes leave you with little time to go home and dress for an evening on street-side patios with friends. Once you’ve RSVP-ed yes to fun parties and have made plans to catch up with your girl gang, your mind automatically goes to what to wear.

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With a little help from Armoire, I got my day-to-night looks covered — meaning I effortlessly go from meetings to sipping on frozen daiquiris with my girlfriends!

Armoire knows that if you are juggling work, yoga classes and happy hours like Wonder Woman, then your clothes need to do some double-duty too. Just like Wonder Woman is never without her armor in life, you need Armoire in yours!

Here are some clothing-hacks that work hard for you, so you can truly unwind in the evenings.



So there you have it — you’re all set to be the #Bosslady you are at work, the evening reveler, the jet-setter off to explore wonderful places. Plus everything in between because you deserve it.

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