Styles for Alyssa London: Entrepreneur, Miss Alaska USA, and Stanford grad


Alyssa London

Past. Graduated from Stanford in 2012 with a degree in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, and was crowned Miss Alaska USA 2017.

Present. Works as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, on-camera host and business owner.

Future. Continue to share her Southeast Alaska Native culture while inspiring members in her community and beyond to reach high levels of education and pursue entrepreneurship.


What’s your style?

Classic, solid colors, but my stylist Stephanie [at Armoire] can describe it better — so we asked! 

“Alyssa’s style is fun and feminine; she likes her clothes to match. I always pull out classic, form-fitting pieces for her, especially ones with fun details and flowy prints that pop. Depending what events she has next, I either recommend a perfect LBD, a daring jumpsuit, or even a floral maxi.

I keep in mind that being Miss Alaska often requires her to look like a princess when speaking to children, relatable when visiting with her peers and a bosslady in meetings with her supporters. She is always on the go and her wardrobe needs to keep up — that’s why Armoire’s rental wardrobe is perfect for her dynamic life.” 

— Stephanie, Stylist

Interested in booking a 1:1 styling session with Stephanie? You can too!

How do Armoire’s personalized recommendations give you time back?

Oh my goodness, immensely! I no longer stress out about what to wear to every event because I know Stephanie will help advise me. Plus, it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Now I only need casual staples in my wardrobe — event-wear all comes directly from Armoire. That’s money saved too.

What’s a style trick you’ve learned from your cases with Armoire?

Dresses mean less matching hassle, so they’re always a go-to. I also love a great blazer or piece of outerwear that I can use to elevate a look.

What’s your get sh*t done mode?

Wake up early and crank it out while drinking bulletproof coffee and blasting Beyoncé. We’re fans of this too.

What do you do with 10 minutes of solitude?

Realistically, I check something on my phone. But ideally, I’d meditate.

What’s your favorite Armoire piece so far?

I find I have a favorite item in each case — but then a piece in the next case always tops it! Last case it was a tribal print dress, a Parker fit and flare style. In the case before, my favorite was a long, orange sundress. We, too, love that Yumi Kim Rush Hour Maxi. But this month, i’m loving a Likely short sleeve turquoise mini dress, worn below. 

Who’s your bosslady inspiration?

It’s hard to pick just one — so Oprah, Beyoncé, Lori Greiner and Sarah Blakey. Because of my own career, I’m definitely inspired by media personalities and other entrepreneurs.


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